This one day, I suddenly lost hearing on my left ear and it started ringing. When I went to see an otolaryngologist, she told me that there was nothing physically wrong with my ear. I was devastated to hear that there was nothing she could do. My co-worker referred Dr. Lee to me, and since I was pretty desperate at the moment, I decided to try acupuncture. For the first 4 treatments, there wasn't really any sign of improvement. Staring from the 5th session, however, my hearing gradually came back. By the 7th session, my left ear was almost completely fixed; I still had problems hearing high-pitched sounds but the fact that I could hear most things relieved me a lot. I cannot wait until the day when I will get the entire hearing back. -Allan King
Ever since I entered university and stress started to pile up, my stomach hasn't functioned very well. I've tried taking medicine regularly just so that I can get away from the pain temporarily. Dr. Lee explained to me that all the body parts are related and I showed other symptoms that were related to heart problems, such as getting cold easily. He told me if my heart was strengthened, my stomach would eventually get better as well. In the first session, he put needles on certain points of my body which, in turn, would strengthen my heart and blood flow. Only after about 30 minutes, my stomach stopped hurting and I felt less tired. In the second session, he tried using magnets instead of the needles so that the healing effect would last longer. Surprisingly, I was able to digest even the greasy food that I normally cannot eat. Now my stomach is pain free, and I cannot be happier. -Esther Chung
I was suffering from serious insomnia and depression, as well as arthritis. I found out about Dr. Lee on Google when I was looking for a natural way to fix these problems. After careful diagnosis, he told me that I couldn't sleep because my heart was weak; when the heart gets weak, you lose confidence which then leads to depression. I kind of doubted him at first. However, just after the first treatment, I was able to fall asleep within an hour! After about 5 or 6 treatments, I was able to fall asleep just like a normal person. My depression was gone, and the pain from arthritis reduced significantly too. Now I look forward to living every day. -Millie Stovel
For my entire life, I've had constipation. I would go to the bathroom only once every 2 - 3 weeks. It was definitely not nice. However, now I go to the bathroom once every 2 days. What an improvement! My body cannot feel any lighter. I recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who is suffering from the same problem. -Katherine Davidson
Doctor Lee saved me when I was about to die from consuming too much alcohol. I hated living every day. My uncle, who is a medical doctor, could not help me either. When I was just about to give up, my aunt took me to Dr. Lee. Apparently she had told him my condition at church and he had told her to bring me to him. His treatment was focused on making my heart better. I instantly started to feel better when he put the needles in my body. On that night, I was able to fall asleep much faster than the usual, without having to drink alcohol. Now I am a whole new person. My mind has calmed down and I do not rely on alcohol anymore. -Christian Kanyankogote
I was suffering from chronic shoulder pain. I couldn't sleep very well because of the frozen shoulder... It would cause so much pain. I heard acupuncture is effective when it comes to loosening the muscles, so I tried it out. Although it is not completely gone yet, the pain level on my shoulder has decreased considerably. Now I can sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. -Joven Velasco
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